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Dunes and beach

Water, land, husky and slick; this is the Zeeland scenery.

A scenery that even today is still, to a great degree, determined by natural processes. A shore where wind, currents and the tides are the most important and powerful forces.  The natural formation of dunes on the islands, the  small ridges formed by the wind on the shore. These vast coastal areas are a large and important portion of the natural surroundings in Zeeland.

The beautiful sandy beach is just 50 meters from the B&B. Just cross the dune and enjoy hiking, swimming, sunbathing etc.



You can also rent a bike and visit Burch-Haamstede, Burch and Westen schouwen.

There you can pay a visit to the breathtaking forest “De Domeinen”. Climb up to the top of the Uitkijktoren and enjoy the panoramic view over Schouwen-Duiveland and the ocean..

By travelling through Brouwersdam you can visit Goeree Overflakke. This trip is definitely worth it!

At the Northsea-side of the Brouwersdam you can even spot a few seals!


Slicks and salt marshes

Yet another way to enjoy the various natural sceneries in Zeeland, is by walking through the marshes at Kwade Hoek. But don’t forget your rubber boots! The trip is worth the effort, the spectacular view stretches over many rows of vast dunes. On sunny days the entangling aroma of thyme fills your nose. A bit further pink orchids bloom. And at the end of the summer the lovely “zeekraal” shows us its astonishing red colour. You might even spot a seal on the wide beach.





The Grevelingenmeer is situated at the other side of the Brouwersdam. This is the cleanest natural saltwater lake of Europe and is just a 15 minutes’ bike-ride away from the B&B Aan Zee. Here you will also find some seals and porpoises enjoying a nice swim. The lake provides many recreational facilities such as water sports, bird watching, hiking-and biking routes.

The dunes and beaches of Ouddorp are also worth while. Here you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes and let the fresh air blow your worries away.


Finally the historical and small town of Goedereede is also worth a visit.

You will find many monuments and terraces to visit.



All in all, the direct surroundings provide many possibilities, even if there’s bad weather.

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